A Turfgrass Legacy: Educating and designating

By Molly Doyle

Today, most superintendents have degrees or diplomas. However, when Bill Fach became a superintendent oh so many years ago, there were very few who had much education, and many honed their craft onsite. Now it has become a professional business and everybody is trained.

“We have been recognized a lot more as well-educated individuals,” says Fach. “Before, when I started, it was mostly farmer-type guys who looked after the golf course. Today, we are what you would call true professionals. We have degrees and we are up on all the new techniques and innovations. When we are not on the golf course, we are on the computer taking online courses and/or attending conferences. There is a big change in the amount of education superintendents have today.”

Fach always strives to be better at his job and encourages other superintendents to do the same. One way is to seek accreditation through either the CGSA or Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA).

“There are about 13,000 to 14,000 superintendents in the United States, and I do not think there are any more than 1500 that are certified,” explains Fach. “In Canada, we have probably 1000 superintendents, and I do not think we have any more than 20 to 25 master superintendents.”

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