A Closer Look at Frequency-of-Clip

By Adam C. Slick

As the current economic recovery continues, superintendents are continuing to operate with less money and fewer resources while dealing with increasing pressure from management and golfers on course conditions. Always looking for new or enhanced ways to save time and money, and increase turf health, many superintendents are renewing their interest in frequency-of-clip (FOC).

Updated reel technology from major equipment manufacturers has breathed new life into the discussion by allowing frequency-of-clip to be controlled like never before. Across the country, more superintendents are adding FOC to their toolbox of settings to help them better manage turfgrass.

But what exactly is frequency-of-clip? If you ask 10 superintendents, you are likely to get 10 different answers. FOC is simply another measurement, much like height of cut or Stimpmeter readings. It gauges the distance between mower shear points (or clips) in the grass and is affected by three separate inputs: number of reel blades, reel speed, and mower speed.

“Frequency-of-clip is one of those things that we probably don’t use to its full capacity,” says Scott Newman, superintendent at Spring Creek Ranch in Tennessee. “For us, FOC is part of the daily conversations we have about mowing heights and groomers. We adjust the FOC before our member-guest tournament to get green speeds up without rolling. But what I would say to other superintendents is to try it because it only takes five seconds to change.”

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