A Closer Look at Frequency-of-Clip: What FOC means in the grass

A higher frequency-of-clip (FOC) means less distance between clips, more grass cut, and increased ball roll. A lower FOC means more distance between clips, less grass cut, and a slower ball roll. A higher number setting on the mower indicates a lower FOC. Image © Brian Hajas. Image courtesy Jacobsen

By Adam C. Slick

As the mower travels forward, the bedknife pushes against the grass in front of it. At the same time, the reel blade is gathering grass as it moves toward the bedknife. The opposing forces gather the grass together at the shear point. After the grass is cut, it springs back into place—this cutting action produces very small peaks and valleys in the grass. Although indistinguishable by the human eye, these high and low points have a profound effect on ball roll.

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