A Closer Look at Frequency-of-Clip: Making mower adjustments

An operator checks the frequency-of-clip (FOC) setting on his mower during the 2012 Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Championship of Canada held at Country Hills Golf Club in Calgary. Photo © Scott MacArthur

By Adam C. Slick

Traditionally, the only way to change frequency-of-clip was to change reel blade count and/or alter mow speed. To help superintendents increase frequency-of-clip (FOC) quickly and easily, equipment manufacturers have recently added blades to standard reels, with some manufacturers adding 15- and 14-blade reels to their lineup.

In addition to changing blade count and mow speed, all mowers offer some level of FOC control, most using gears and pulleys.

Some manufacturers have taken FOC controls one step further. For example, on some mowers, superintendents can adjust the FOC on a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen in a matter of seconds. Since some reels are driven from individual motors separate from the tractor, the FOC remains constant, even if the speed of the mower changes.

In the end, frequency-of-clip is another equipment setting superintendents can adjust to adapt mowers to course conditions. If you have not experimented with FOC on your equipment, it is definitely worth exploring. A little adjustment here and there can make a big difference on your turf.

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