Celebrating the Dog Days of Golf: Brandi

Photo courtesy Richard Voigt

By Blair Adams

Brandi works at the Oaks of St. George Golf Club in Brant, Ont., and her boss, superintendent Richard Voigt, admits she is paid peanuts…errr…kibbles. But unlike her two-legged colleagues, Brandi gets a daily raise in the form of treats from appreciative golfers
The six-year-old border collie/German shepherd mix has a very specific job at the Oaks—she is in charge of geese management, and she takes her job seriously.
“Members have embraced the idea of having a dog on the property,” explains Voigt, who has had Brandi since she was a puppy. “She helps control the geese population, which was at an all-time high before she joined our team.”

Brandi usually sticks close to Voigt’s side, but depending on what is on the day’s work schedule, she might sneak away to spend a little time with other staff on the grounds crew.
“I am really glad she is here,” say Voigt. I know my staff enjoy having her around and she is the unofficial morale booster. If any of us are having a tough day, a few minutes with Brandi is usually all that is needed to get us going again.”

And Brandi doesn’t judge. Golfers having a bad game can seek comfort in a friendly tail wag or one of her famous kisses. Just remember to keep your mouth closed.

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