Celebrating the Dog Days of Golf: Shelby

Photo courtesy Jessica Aytoun

By Blair Adams

Some employees have a natural enthusiasm for their job. Their dedication and zeal are infectious, and what they may lack in skill they make up for in their desire to do the best job possible.
A case in point is the newest member of the Sutton Creek Golf Club grounds crew, Shelby.

But Shelby, a three-year-old border collie, is no ordinary employee in training. Having spent the last couple years in training and agility classes, she is now working on training for her upcoming assignment of chasing geese off the golf course, explains her owner, superintendent Jessica Aytoun, who has had the energetic pup since she was eight weeks old.

“Right now she just runs alongside the golf carts, and she still has a tendency to want to wander off, but it’s early days, yet. I know she will make a good geese chaser one day.”

Until then, Shelby enjoys being with Aytoun and the Sutton Creek team with plenty of affection to go around.

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