Celebrating the Dog Days of Golf: Dylan

Photo courtesy Justin Westerink

By Blair Adams

Justin Westerink, assistant superintendent at Dalewood Golf Club in Port Hope, Ont., is a big Bob Dylan fan, so much so that when he got his black Labrador retriever he named him after the iconic singer.

Fast forward one and a half years to today, and Dylan can be found hard at work shadowing Westerink as he performs his daily duties.

“He usually hangs around the shop after we do our morning rounds so he does not steal anyone’s ball or interrupts their game,” explains Westerink.

However, on rainy days as the number of players dwindles, Dylan is given free run of the course, and he delights in running up and down the fairways and chasing the geese.

“He is a valued member of the grounds crew,” says Westerink. “He is great at boosting staff morale.”

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