Designing with Trees in Mind: Preserving trees or adding new ones

Root exploration using a hydro-vac (left) exposes roots before excavation with machinery. Careful root pruning (right) eliminates further root damage which would otherwise be caused by tearing, pulling, or fracturing of roots, reducing tree injury. Photo © Philip van Wassenaer

By Alex Satel, MFC, and Philip van Wassenaer, B.Sc., MFC

Trees are immensely valuable resources. This is especially true in urban areas, where residents benefit greatly from the ecological services trees provide. As such, they are worthy of the same level of consideration as any other components of site design.

Whether the issue is to preserve existing trees on the site or to incorporate new trees into site design, an arborist or urban forester should be involved at the front end of the design process and throughout the duration of site development, working in concert with site designers, engineers, planners, and construction personnel. One should keep in mind the wide range of factors affecting the trees on development sites will significantly contribute to the successful outcome of any site design.

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