An Ounce of Prevention

Photo courtesy Kohler Engines

By Scott Mack

Turf professionals understand the importance of maintaining the engines in their lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. After all, it could be argued no other function affects turf management operation as much as proper engine care. Conducting regular engine maintenance not only helps extend the equipment’s life over the long term, but it also helps ensure optimal performance on a daily basis. The immortal words of Benjamin Franklin certainly ring true in this instance—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or, to use more modern language, a little extra effort now can translate to big savings down the road.

Turf professionals looking to stay on top of engine care must follow the maintenance schedules provided by equipment manufacturers. These documents outline the frequency of care procedures for specific engine models, taking guesswork out of maintenance scheduling. Of course, most engine manufacturers now make this information readily available online for quick and easy access. This is especially beneficial for those using older equipment or anyone who happens to misplace an owner’s manual.

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