An Ounce of Prevention: Seasonal considerations

Outdoor power equipment should get special attention at the end of each season, including changing the oil and removing dirt and debris. Photo courtesy Kohler Engines

By Scott Mack

All outdoor power equipment should get some special attention at the end of each season. An oil change must be performed to ensure clean oil is coating the engine while it is being stored. Many turf professionals do not realize that part of the byproduct of engine combustion includes acid and water. Adding 29.6 mL (1 oz) of fresh oil to each cylinder and rotating the engine are recommended to help protect the cast iron lining against water condensation and its corrosive properties.

Any loose clippings and dirt should also be removed from equipment at the end of each season. Most dirt can easily be removed with soap and water, but a wire brush may be helpful; a putty knife can even be used to carefully scrape away ground-in debris from the underside of equipment. It is not uncommon for rodents to nest in dirty machines while in storage, so turf professionals should not make it easy for them.

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