The Evolution of Turf Diseases: Fundamentals for a moving target

Although dollar spot has been around since the 1920s, it remains one of the most expensive diseases to manage. Photo courtesy John Kaminski

By John Kaminski, PhD

The bottom line is disease management is not a stationary target. Turfgrass managers must keep current with the latest information on emerging diseases and the latest products available. They must also continue to review fundamental concepts such as disease lifecycles as well as the biology of the turfgrass pathogens. Only when a manager can grasp all the concepts surrounding the pests and current chemical and cultural management options can they make the best decisions when it comes to keeping their turf healthy.

If nothing else, the evolution of turfgrass diseases will result in two things: it will ensure only those that keep up with all of the changing information are able to successfully control their disease problems, and it will ensure turf pathologists around the world are forever employed.

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