An Ounce of Prevention: A new option

Equipment operators should become familiar with different fuel types and their impact on engine performance, and ensure any gasoline being pumped is approved for use in their specific engine model. Photo courtesy Kohler Engines

By Scott Mack

One new option for turf professionals looking to avoid carburetor maintenance issues is to select equipment with electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engines. Since they do not have a carburetor, they eliminate the related hassles. Additionally, fuel within an EFI engine is sealed off from the air so it will not evaporate while in storage.

Another important factor behind the rapid acceptance of EFI engines has been the enhanced fuel efficiency they provide. For example, a line of proprietary equipment using a closed-loop system has been demonstrated to help save end-users up to 25 per cent in fuel when compared to one of the company’s carbureted engines under comparable load conditions. This means turf professionals can save up to US$600 per engine in annual operating costs.

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