The Tale of Two Beetles: How they kill trees

By Joe Boggs, Amy Stone, and Dan Herms

Both beetles are tree-killers and exhibit no real preferences for stressed versus healthy trees. However, EAB only infests and kills trees in one genus (Fraxinus), while ALB infests and kills trees in 13 genera. Trees considered good hosts of ALB include:
Acer (all maple species);
Aesculus (horsechestnuts and buckeyes);
Ulmus (elms); and
Salix (willows).

Trees considered ‘other’ hosts include:
Betula (birches);
Platanus (sycamore/plane trees);
Populus (poplars);
Albizia (mimosa);
Cercidiphyllum (katsura);
Fraxinus (ashes);
Koelreuteria (golden rain tree);
Sorbus (mountain ash); and
Celtis (hackberry).

While the good hosts in this list of genera are generally considered the trees most commonly attacked by ALB, all these trees can be attacked and killed by ALB.

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