Training Is The Best Reward

In the high season, one of our jobs is to examine the mowers to ensure they are doing what they are supposed to. We are looking for quality of cut issues. Since appearance is everything, this is very important; mowers are the number-one job. Photo courtesy Warren Wybenga

By Molly Doyle

In 1990, Warren Wybenga answered a job ad for the Oshawa Golf and Curling Club to work on the grounds crew. Since then, he has completed a small engine apprenticeship to become an equipment technician and worked at two golf clubs before settling down at Donalda Club in Toronto. He has never looked back. Wynbenga did not think he would love his job so much; now, he gets to provide training to his own apprentices, which he is quickly finding very rewarding and has become a favourite part of what he does.

The 43-year-old sat down with Canadian Groundskeeper to explain he is not quite ready for retirement, but when the day comes, he hopes to still be at Donalda.

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