Reconstruction The Derrick Club: Opening Up The Course

This bunker at the front right of the green at the short par-four first hole illustrates the distinctive, old-fashioned style of the sand hazards at the new Derrick Club course in Edmonton. Photo courtesy Jeff Mingay

By Jeff Mingay

During phase one of the complete rebuild of the Derrick Golf and Winter Club’s half-century-old course in Edmonton, 10 new holes were completed between early May and late September of 2013. Club members will be able to play these new holes this summer while the remaining eight holes and new practice areas are completed in the project’s second phase.

These new holes are distinctive in the Edmonton golf market. The new Derrick Club course features a collection of grass-face bunkers designed to appear ‘old-fashioned’ and located to be in the way of golfers. Most of them jut into the direct line of play from tee to green as opposed to being peripheral. Fairway widths at the Derrick have also doubled, so there is plenty of room to play around these new hazards. There is also an abundance of short grass around most of the new greens, which not only assist with presenting a distinctive looking course, but also add to the diversity and interest of recovery play throughout the course.

Golf is a game that ideally requires open space, and members who have toured the 10 new holes have been most impressed with how much more spacious the club’s property looks and feels. The club’s old course featured incredibly narrow fairways constricted by trees at most holes. It was too cramped, and there was not a single long view to admire and enjoy on the property. By re-routing parts of the course and removing some 500 trees during the first phase of this project, the club’s 59-ha (146-acre) property now provides plenty of room for a 6126-m (6700-y) golf course. Room was found for a short game practice area, featuring a three-hole loop of 27 to 45-m (30 to 50-y) holes, where the old fifth fairway resided.

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