A Driving Force On The Course: Daily Life At The Club

By Molly Doyle

Since the course is open daily, McGarvey works year-round unless there is snow. Although this usually does not last too long and the course often reopens a few days later, most of the game is played between March 1 and the end of October. There are usually about 30 staff members on the grounds crew in the summer, and this drops back to about five in the winter. Since the course is on the north shore of Vancouver, the grass almost stops growing, meaning no mowing is required during the winter. However, there is always cleanup from frequent windstorms that needs to be done, which McGarvey says can take a few weeks to do.

McGarvey gets up about an hour before he starts work, which could be anywhere between 5:30 and 6 a.m. in the summer and around 7 a.m. in the winter. He admits he is not a morning person, so it helps to live only 20 minutes from the course!

McGarvey organizes the next day’s schedule during the afternoon, and then his crew fine-tunes it in the mornings based on the weather and anything that happened overnight.

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