A Driving Force On The Course: Time Spent Off The Course

With his wife, Kathryn, McGarvey likes to take golf vacations in Scotland or Ireland during the less busy times in the fall. Photo courtesy Jim McGarvey

By Molly Doyle

During the colder season, McGarvey can take some time off for his annual vacation, which is usually to go skiing with his wife, Kathryn.

During time off in the summer, McGarvey and his wife golf and go hiking near their house. They also enjoy cooking together, and go out in the city quite a bit to try all the different restaurants Vancouver has to offer.

When it is less busy in the fall, McGarvey and his wife can take the opportunity to go on a shorter vacation, but neither of them are the types to sit on a beach and read. They prefer heading to Scotland or Ireland to play golf together since Kathryn is a serious golfer herself. She is a single-digit player who still enjoys playing competitively, and she has even represented Canada internationally a few times, including as a junior. McGarvey is grateful to have a wife who understands the long hours he puts in at the course and appreciates the outcome from it.

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