A Driving Force On The Course: Looking At The Future

With all the work it takes to keep the course in pristine condition, McGarvey and his staff take a lot of pride in what they do. Photo ┬ęBob Huxtable

By Molly Doyle

As a veteran of the golf course management profession, one might think McGarvey would be tired of his job by now. But this is not so; he remains passionate about his career and enjoys the many challenges that come with it.

Since golf course maintenance is a team effort, it comes as no surprise that working with his crew and course staff is another job favourite for McGarvey. He says they take a lot of pride in what they do, but they also have a lot of fun together, especially with big age differences between employees and the competitiveness that surfaces between male and female staff.

As far as longevity goes at one golf course, McGarvey says he has been fortunate to work at such a great golf club because the club and board members have been appreciative and supportive the whole time he has been there.

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