Protecting The Urban Forest: Aliens, Biological Control, And Pests: Alien Monitoring

By Ken Fry, PhD

Several agencies across Canada are actively monitoring for alien invasive species. One such program in Alberta is the Alien Invasive Species Surveillance program, conducted in collaboration with the CFIA, the Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease (SPDED), and Olds College.

The program uses sets of four Lindgren funnel traps which are placed at 15 locations in the province deemed to be a high risk for importation of arthropods (i.e. ports of entry, major trans-shipment terminals for containers, delivery points for heavy equipment). Each of the four traps has a separate pheromone or host odour lure targeting wood wasps (family Siricidae), bark beetles (sub-family Scolytinae), metallic wood-boring beetles (family Buprestidae), and long-horned beetles (family Cerambycidae). The traps are serviced bi-weekly and the catch processed to determine if any invasive species are present.

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