Growing Trees in the Urban Jungle: Ideas for Establishing a Sustainable Urban Forest

By Alistair Johnston

Reduced emissions to decrease acid rain and a reduction in the use of de-icing salts are obvious choices, but public safety tends to supersede tree preservation on these issues. The introduction of municipal tree bylaws, increased vigilance, and an understanding of construction near trees has, and will continue to decrease the extent of human impact.

Mitigating the urban heat island effect through the use of green roof technologies, and reflective (high-albedo) paving are two methods that are now commonly implemented. Further, in an effort to recharge groundwater, permeable paved hard surfaces are often utilized. This allows for the percolation of water into the subsoil, thus making it available for uptake by adjacent root systems. Where feasible, the practise of an early spring wash for roadside trees will aid in reduced salt uptake.

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