Growing Trees in the Urban Jungle: To Sum it all Up

By Alistair Johnston

Establishing trees in the urban jungle is a difficult proposition given the many varied stressors that can impact health. To greatly improve upon the life expectancy for metropolitan trees, there has been a concerted effort amongst municipalities, arborists, and landscape architects to rethink the requirements for urban …Continue reading

Superintendents Take on Multiple Sclerosis

By Brian Youell

Superintendents and industry representatives from the Vancouver Island Golf Superintendents Association (VIGSA) get together once a week to play hockey. One day back in 2008, someone suggested the group ‘up their game’ and use the event to raise money for local charity.
Gregor Kowalski, superintendent at …Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Synthetic Turf Tee Lines: Less Maintenance, More Money

By Scott Smockum

Synthetic turf tee lines are a great option when the environment is particularly hostile to natural grass, for example arid and/or flooded environments where there is little to no natural light to promote healthy turf growth. Synthetic turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and, …Continue reading

Avoiding Issues with Seasonal Employment: Minimum Standards for Employees in the Turfgrass Industry

By Chelsea Gibson, BA, LLB and Kevin Thompson, B.Sc.

In Ontario, there are varying minimum standards depending on the class of worker. Statutory benefits (such as overtime pay, minimum rest periods, etc.) do not necessarily apply to all workers. This article focuses on the two classes of workers the majority …Continue reading

Growing Trees in the Urban Jungle: Tree Planting

By Alistair Johnston

The final key to growing trees in the urban jungle is to employ best practices for planting. The fact is, all of the recommendations noted in this article will not matter if the tree is planted improperly.

It starts with the selection of the appropriate tree with …Continue reading