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Doing the ‘Dirty’ Work

Photo courtesy Dirty Girls Lawn Care Inc.

By Molly Doyle

In a male-dominated industry, Ellie Kop is not “one of the guys”—she is a ‘Dirty Girl’ with an all-female landscaping company.

In 2000, Kop worked with an arborist while she went to college and took a small engine mechanics course to learn how the equipment worked. Then in April 2001, she started Dirty Girls Lawn Care Inc., and never looked back.

“I figured if I’m going to own it, and going to do something, I’m going to have a bunch of women right alongside me, doing it with me,” Kop says.

Laying the groundwork
It all started when Kop and her friend were employed at a restaurant, and they both wanted to work outside. As a bit of a joke (at first), Kop did a name search and found “dirty girls.” She wanted to trademark it, but found out a New York lip balm and soap company owned the rights to the name. Kop decided then to jump in hook, line, and sinker, and instead call it Dirty Girls Lawn Care Inc.

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