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Golf by the Numbers

With golf season gearing up again, it is important to understand the current state of the Canadian game and the factors influencing consumer behaviour.

To this end, it is worth revisiting some of the findings of a 2012 study conducted by the National Allied Golf Association (NAGA). The “Canadian Golf Consumer Behaviour Study,” is a national survey of more than 1300 responses. It explores:
● interest and support for the game;
● involvement in the game;
● level of play and engagement;
● behaviours and beliefs;
● demographic and psychographic segments; and
● benefits that drive growth.

The study focuses on both the amount people play the game and how much they spend on it—the more engaged a consumer is, the more he or she will spend. Focusing on the effective population (i.e. those who are capable of playing golf), about 5.7 million Canadians were considered for the study. From this number, results showed the total entering the game is equal to those leaving the game: 18 per cent—or approximately 1.026 million people.

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