Plow Picture 025

The City of Hamilton will be spending an extra $500,000 this winter to plow roads until they are bare pavement, according to CBC News Hamilton.

“The increase in spending is an estimated value based on the estimate increase in frequency in activation for plowing and material application to meet the new service level for our Priority 3 residential roads, based on an average winter season,” Bob Paul, the city’s acting manager of winter control, told Canadian Groundskeeper.

Previously, residential roads were plowed only until the snow was packed hard for drivers. Now, the standard has changed due to a blizzard that occurred last Boxing Day that made city workers unable to clear several streets.

Bryan Shynal, the city’s director of operations, told CBC News the money will pay for extra workers, equipment, and material to meet the bare pavement goal.

Other revised standards for 2014 include:

  • city workers will plow snow when 80 mm (3 in.) hits, rather than the 100 mm (4 in.) from last winter;
  • the city has a new system to ensure all supervisors are not off at once;
  • during October’s orientation session, the city emphasized drivers should be polite and courteous; and
  • the city will launch an awareness campaign encouraging residents to keep sidewalks clean and the website will include a snow route map and event response status reports.

The city’s winter control budget for 2013 is $21,578,760.