Ottawa To Review 430The federal government has been forced to review the approval of more than 350 pesticide products after a legal challenge by Equiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation.

As a result of the lawsuit, Ottawa will examine these pesticide products, which contain various active ingredients, which many are alleged to have links to cancer and water contamination and determine whether to ban or restrict their use in Canada. Many of the ingredients are already banned for use in Europe, including the herbicides 2,4-D, bromoxynil, and linuron and the insecticides carbaryl and dichloruos due to their health risks.

With the initiation of these special reviews the environmental groups will put their lawsuit on hold to give the government some time to conduct the pesticide reviews.

Equiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation sued the Government of Canada last August alleging the Minister of Health and Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) acted unlawfully when they refused to review the approval of pesticide products containing chlorthal-dimethyl, trifluralin, and trichlorfon.