Toronto’s tree-planting budget may double if John Tory, one of Toronto’s mayoral candidates, is elected.

On Earth Day, Tory shared his “28 in 10” plan at Toronto’s Evergreen Brickworks to restore the city’s tree coverage after the ice storm last December by planting 3.8 million trees over the next decade.

“One of the greatest things about living in Toronto is our green space,” he said in an article on his website. “Neighbourhoods across the city are losing thousands of trees due to aging and catastrophic events like the ice storm. Keeping Toronto forested is essential for our communities, making them more liveable by providing environmental benefits. It also helps make our city more affordable by helping to save on energy costs.”

The “28 in 10” plan is expected to stop the decline of the forest canopy in three years, and over a 10-year period the canopy should be restored to 2012 levels. It also calls for:

  • doubling the city’s current annual expenditure of $7 million over five years to as much as $14 million by 2019; and
  • rallying city organizations, charities, community groups, and businesses already funding projects that support the greening of Toronto to focus on working collaboratively with the city to fund the planting of 380,000 trees each year.