The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) Canada has signed an agreement with Utah-based Quantival, an intelligent pricing provider, to market and deliver its service to Canadian golf course operators.

The platform used will fuse dynamic pricing with time- and demand-based pricing to build new revenues for golf courses, according to a press release. This partnership will enable Canadian golf course operators to reclaim pricing and increase revenues.

“We’ve seized the opportunity to assist Canadian course operators to effectively price green fees and all other golf course revenue centres, without creating additional expenses or burdens on golf course staff,” said Jeff Calderwood, CEO of NGCOA Canada. “While we’re impressed that it drives new revenues, we’re perhaps more pleased it can enable course owners to reclaim revenues being lost in difficult economic times.”

Richard Bennett, Quantival’s executive director, told Canadian Groundskeeper the company uses advanced economics and its proprietary intelligent algorithms to establish optimized pricing for tee times at partner golf courses. This allows courses to generate the revenues needed to provide and sustain a level of service customers expect. Additionally, this allows courses to avoid the trap of desperate discounting to try to generate revenue.

“We have entered into an exclusive partnership with the NGCOA Canada to distribute Quantival’s pricing to all 2300 golf courses in the country,” said Bennett. “We have trained their field force and they are directly representing Quantival to their members. We are thrilled to be working with such a strong organization.”

According to the Ottawa Citizen, as of early March, about 80 courses had expressed interest in the system and wanted to have it customized for them, with a push by NGCOA coming in April. However, the launch will likely occur for most courses in 2015.