In the past few weeks, the City of Brampton has experienced several acts of vandalism regarding trees and a golf course, which is leading some people to think it may lose its “Flower City” image if it continues.

According to The Mississauga News, Peel Village Golf Course has faced several instances of vandalism. A large planter containing soil, gravel, and flowers weighing more than 68 kg (150 lb) was rolled about 100 m (328 ft) down a hill and numerous yard tee signages were also ripped off or missing. The course’s greens and tee block turf were also damaged.

Both incidents occurred while the golf course was closed. In response, corporate security has increased coverage on weekends in an attempt to deter vandalism.

Additionally, Kiwanis Memorial Park recently lost 10 trees—including five memorials planted in memory of Bramptonians—as they were violently cut and knocked down.

“If everybody—citizens, city, and politicians—is working together as a team, Brampton will continue to be called Flower City, otherwise we will lose that name pretty soon,” said Marjorie Taylor, president of Kiwanis Club of Brampton. “Everyone in our club was shocked when memorial trees were vandalized. I have never heard of vandalism with trees.”