The Calgary snowstorm that swept through the city in September has damaged about half of the urban canopy, costing the city $18 million to clean it all up.

Previously, the estimated cost was $8 million, but has since increased as roughly one million trees were damaged, according to the Calgary Herald. However, this cost does not include the future expenses of replanting trees and pruning the older ones.

“It’s unfortunate one 30-year-old elm tree is not equivalent to three 10-year-olds, but that is the truth,” said parks director Ann Charlto. “And we are going to try to save as many of the old trees as possible.”

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he hopes the city’s expenses will be covered by the provincial disaster recovery program.

“Most of the trees in this city were planted by human beings,” he said. “And losing that canopy has esthetic issues, environmental issues, quality-of-life issues, and we’ve just got to work hard. People love trees for a reason, and we have to make sure we maintain that tree canopy as best we can.”